Ferrari GTO Registry

Our aim is to bring to life a complete and comprehensive Ferrari GTO Registry.

This would include the registry of the Ferrari 250 GTO, the 288 GTO, and the 599 GTO: the pinnacle of the Ferrari’s exclusive range. The top of the top.

HOW WE BUILD THE REGISTRY: Through valuable contributions from the owners and meticulous researches.

NO personal data is ever exposed. We include and publish in our registry only vehicles of which we hold the complete VIN number, to ensure the history of the car, however, we publish publicly only the Ferrari Identification number which consists of the last 6 digits of the VIN.

We’re working hard to bring you something very special and your contribution to completing the registry is very precious.


YOUR GTO IN THE REGISTRY: If you would like to support our mission and include your special GTO in our registry kindly email [email protected] or fill the form on the contact page we will get in touch with you.


  • Full VIN (we will make public only the last 6 digits of the VIN)
  • Specs: Colour (as per Ferrari’s range) Livery, interior details, any particular spec that differentiates the vehicle
  • Pictures – high-quality pictures – we can arrange a photo shoot for you if you wish, kindly email us for further details.