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In the colorful world of supercars, there is one huge misconception – that all supercars are alike. Quite contrary. Most of them are lavish machines designed to capture the public imagination and stop traffic with their exhaust notes and aggressive stance. However, there is also one very exclusive series of supercars aimed at true automotive connoisseurs, gentleman racers, and people who appreciate the exclusivity, unmatched performance, and heritage above all else.

Ferrari GTO is that car. It has been a pinnacle of any car collection or driving career, with a glorious legacy dating since 1962 and a precious few built. Bought by like-minded enthusiasts and raced by well-known names, GTOs have been a triumph of design and engineering excellence very few people had experienced. 

The GTO Circle is precisely the place for such kinds of supercar owners and enthusiasts. People who understand and enjoy the mythical and almost esoteric charms of Ferrari’s most beloved series and the world’s most sought-after supercar. It is an online community where all GTO owners can meet, share their experience, and be part of a selected group of custodians, lucky enough to take care of the world’s most delicate driving instruments. 

It is a Ferrari GTO temple dedicated to researching history, registry and providing rare and valuable information to all Ferrari GTO owners, from 1962 250 GTO to modern-day 599 GTOs. We will also follow the news regarding said models, market trends, technical advice, collect historical photos and materials, as well as organize events and owner meets for our members.   

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